Farmers Markets

Providing the rural and local community

As well as our online retail trade, our produce is sold at farmers markets where the local communities have the opportunity to choose from our fresh and frozen stock, sourced locally.

We love the culture of farmers markets, after all it is where Game trading originates from.

There are endless benefits of shopping at your local farmers markets; you will help the local economy, reduce your carbon footprint, choose from a variety of fresh foods, you know exactly where your food comes from and you can speak to the supplier direct.

 NOTE: All markets are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are the regular markets we attend, there are others so please Contact Us if you have any questions

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  • Chichester

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Friday 19th January
    • Friday 2nd February
    • Friday 16th Febuary
    • Friday 1st March
    • Friday 15th March
    • Friday 5th April
    • Friday 19th April
    • Friday 3rd May
    • Friday 17th May
    • Friday 5th July
    • riday 2nd August
  • Farnham

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Sunday 28th April
    • Sunday 26th May
    • Sunday 23rd June
    • Sunday 28th July
  • Emsworth


    35-37 South St
    PO10 7EG

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Saturday 20th April
    • Saturday 18th May
    • Saturday 20th July
    • Saturday 17th August
  • Guildford

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Tuesday 7th May
    • Tuesday 2nd July
    • Tuesday 6th August
  • Petersfield


    The Square
    GU32 3HQ

    Forthcoming Markets 2023
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Sunday 7th July
  • Sunday 4th August
  • Ripley

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Saturday 9th September
      • Saturday 13th April
      • Saturday 11th May
  • Winchester


    The High Street
    SO23 9BL

    Forthcoming Markets 2023

    • Sunday 28th April
    • Sunday 12th May
    • Sunday 30th June
    • Sunday 28th July
  • Wallington

      Forthcoming Markets 2023
    • Saturday 13th April
    • Saturday 11th May
    • Saturday 8th June
  • Milford

    • Sunday 21st April
    • Sunday 19th May
    • Sunday 16th June
    • Sunday 21st July