Our Hatchery is closely monitored and maintained to produce healthy chicks.

Our Hatchery is designed to simulate a natural hatching process. The eggs are gently turned in the incubator to imitate a natural maternal care and are then transferred to the hatchers for hatching. Once the chicks have hatched they are then carefully checked, boxed and sent out to local shoots at day old.

All eggs and chicks are clearly labelled on arrival and departure for traceability assurance.

Our experienced staff take great care at every stage of the process to ensure the chicks leave the site in a strong healthy condition.

Available to Purchase

  • 1 day old Partridges
  • 1 day old Pheasants
  • 7 week old Pheasant Poults
  • Partridge Poults
  • Pheasant & Partridge Eggs
  • Mallard Duck Poults
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Conditions of Sale

With 50 years hatching experience, Hampshire Game Limited are relied upon to supply local shoots with healthy chicks, hatched onsite at Clanville.

Orders can be taken all year round and advice can be given on best birds for your shoot and feeding regimes if required.

Please read our Conditions of Sale for more details.

See Conditions of Sale